Core Members

Margaret Mahler

Margaret has been one of the pioneers in Parental Education Resource Center and has successfully raised her 4 children with ease. She has decided to join the team and promote the program to a nationwide scale to help other parents like her achieve the improvement she, as a parent, had achieved.

Melanie Klein

Melanie started out as a constant patron who had donated into the organization for quite some time now. After seeing the improvement the program of the organization has offered to countless of parents, she has decided to be a volunteer. After a few years, she has finally dedicated full of her time here in Parental Education Resource Center­ after having successfully raised her 4 children, each a pair of twins.

Mary Ainsworth

Mary has finished a degree in Psychology in UCLA and has focused her time in researching about parenting skills and how it affects a child’s growth. She has found Parental Education Resource Center’s program satisfactory and has decided to volunteer in the organization. She has influenced the group to use and optimize recent scientific findings for their tools and resources.

John Bowlby

As one of the few male members in the Parental Education Resource Center, he has found that parental education has helped him a lot in raising his 5 children. He decided to be a constant patron and then has come to volunteer in the organization to help parents and fathers like him to realize the importance of parental education.