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Parental Education Resource Center is a stand-alone organization that is supported by the creators and experts behind the organization and by parents like you. We firmly believe that by educating parents in taking care and managing their children, there will be strengthened familial relationships across the world.

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By donating to Parental Education Resource Center, you are helping us continue the legacy that we hold. Donating to the organization will help us improve our website for parents to use, provide more updated researches for our tools, and help other organizations that are linked to us. The money you choose to donate will be used in all aspects that can help you improve in return. By donating to us, you are also helping yourself and other parents nationwide to learn more and get better services. Here in Parental Education Resource Center, all your donations go in good hands. All donations will be maximized in order to provide all parents the free programs, tools, and services that they deserve.

Donations paid through PayPal and credit cards are accepted. With a minimum amount of $20, a little goes a long way. Donate now and you will not regret spending a bit from your budget to help us realize our goals of providing full support to parents around the world.