Getting Your Children to Do Chores

One of the most challenging things to do today, with the advent of internet and smartphones, is getting your children learn how to do chores. As a parent, how can you teach the right chores to your modern-age children?

Children aged as early as 3 years old can be taught with simple chores. The first step often involves pulling them away from their favorite home theater and into action. One of these simple chores could be like keeping toys when they are not in use, cleaning windows, or dusting furniture. By teaching them chores, you can help inculcate responsibility in your child’s mind in a very early age. By doing so, you can teach your kids the core values that can be honed as they grow. With a proper foundation provided by parents, children can grow as individuals who do not see chores as a burden. To help you teach your kids to do chores, here are some tips and tricks you can follow:

Support your children but do not take over.

You can show them how it is done and let them do it themselves after. If you keep taking over and reprimanding the child every single time, it may cause distress which can hinder the learning process.

Praise your young child every step of the way, not when the task is finished

This step can help encourage the child to continue the task since he or she finds it that you’re pleased or satisfied by how they are doing the chore. This also helps them understand that they are doing it correctly.

Try setting up rules and following up consequences

Children won’t always want to listen to you or do what you say. When it comes to chores, give a schedule and series of consequences if the child disobeys or decides not to complete the task. Do not overdo punishments as this is not effective.

Teach them how to do it and what they are supposed to do

Teach simple chores to your children in simple manners. Do not let them do it alone after you just told them how or what to do. By illustrating and doing it yourself, it provides a more solid example to the child.

Remember, by doing things consistently, your children will learn to do chores in no time and will help them hone responsibility in a very early age. Just follow the simple steps to guide you if you see yourself stuck in this stage.

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